Critiquing a Published Research

The selected article is Pawner et al. (@011,p,314), research on professional values of the nurses in China, as printed in the Health Sciences and Nursing journal. It has also been published in a peer-reviewed, reputable publication, suggesting that it is most likely to be of good quality to warrant a substantial critique.

The title is somewhat concise. The values of Nurses in China: The expectations from professional nurses (Pawner et al., 2011, p, 314). For such reason, it provides information to the reader on the study focus, as well as the subject matter. On the other hand, it does not emphasize the nature of the said study in the article.

The qualification of the authors as well as the area of work, are also provided. All of them are considered professionally registered nurses. Four out of the complete five are equipped with doctoral qualifications. The fifth one holds master’s degree. This only provides a suggestion that they are equipped with both experience and clinical knowledge, and the expertise in research in order to carry out and perform that study.

All of the authors are currently working within the Asian/Chinese environment, while the other has been working at an American institution. There is no doubt that it is equipped with a positive strength of the study since the author both have the contextual and local knowledge to do the research in this cultural arena. However, there is an assurance that there is a non-partisan author in order to give the needed balance and a better perspective.

The abstract of the article begins after introducing to the reader the research purpose, that is, identifying the needed the needed values of the professional nurses in China, as well as their potential manifestations in the setup familiar to them. This is a good aspect of the said article because it indicates in a clear manner to the reader article the article focus. Afterward, the abstract went on summarizing the sample, collecting data, as well as analysis method, which was then followed by the evaluation and results on the implication of the practice.

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