Different Kind of Glands and its Function

Function of Pineal gland

It is instrumental in the growth of the body & control the sex gland. It is related to the self regulated nervous system of the body. The secretion of this gland controls other glands. It normalizes the effect of light on the color of the skin & balances the cells of the brain. It also helpful in preventing general information.

Pituitary gland

This gland is located at the base of the brain inside the skull & is connected with hypothalamus. This gland functions with the help of other glands. This gland becomes active when other glands stop functioning. When secretion of the gland of the other hormones increases, this gland reduces secretion.
Function of Pituitary gland : decrease & increase in height depends on the secretion of this gland as it affects both our bones & muscles. This gland activates the seminal cells in men & ovary in women. Breasts of mother get filled with milk after delivery of a child due to this very gland. This gland influences the vessels in the kidneys & stimulates them to absorb more liquid. It reduces urination.

Thyroid gland

This gland is located at the upper end of the bronchial tube near the vocal cord. This gland is heavier in women then in men. It grasps the fundamental substance called iodine.

Function of Thyroid gland : This gland keeps our youth intact. It utilizes iodine in secretion of those hormones which are helpful in the metabolism of fats, proteins & carbohydrates. Thus it helps in the process of digestion. In its secretion iron is used evenly in the entire body. It is especially helpful in the production & distribution of electric energy in the body. Phosphorus is used in nerves & the centers of the brain.

Parathyroid gland

These glands are located above & below the thyroid gland near the vocal cord. It is sheltered by the left & right portions of the thyroid gland. Both in their function & formation they are entirely different from the thyroid gland. These glands control the quantum of calcium in the blood & play an important role in activating our muscles & nervous system.

Irregular secretion from these glands results in many diseases such as the decay I bones, frailibility etc.

Thymus glands

This gland is nestled behind the meeting pont of collar bones & neck in the middle of the chest a little above the heart. It has got two chunks. It takes care of the body development part of the body is completed I 14 years. This gland does not allow the sex glands to grow upto this age.

Function of Thymus gland : It is instrumental in the proper development of the brain. It also helps I the formation of our lymph cells. It is instrumental in the process of the excretion of foreign matter from our body.

Adrenal gland

Two triangular glands above the kidneys & attached to the diaphragm are called adrenal gland. Like other glands this gland discharges maximum quantum secretion. The secretion of this gland is most essential for the protection of our life. Its cortisone like hormones cures more than one hundred diseases like gout, defects of blood circulation, defects of colon, cancer & asthma etc.

Function of Adrenal gland : It is helpful in the change of our emotions. It is such an important gland that survival without it is impossible. It increases metabolism. It stimulates liver to convert glycogen. It helps in the contraction of different kinds of arteries in skin & internal organs, but at the same time it expands our muscles & the arteries of the heart. In the state of emergency this gland creates a sense of alertness in the body & prepares us to face squarely a dangerous situation by inculcating I us a feeling of internal strength & security

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