Different Kinds of Verbs

Action Verbs   

These verbs talk about what the subject is doing in the sentence. Action Verbs are one of the most easily identifiable types of verbs. To recognize them, you simply have to look for the word in the sentence that answers the question ‘What is the subject doing?’  e.g. –
Rose is painting the kitchen walls.

Dynamic Verbs

These verbs denote an actual action or expression or process done by the subject. They mean an action which can be seen or physically felt or the result of which is seen or physically felt by the object or an indirect object.
She buys new clothes every week.

Stative Verbs

These verbs refer to the state of the subject or the situation of the subject. Stative Verbs tell us about the state of mind of the subject, or the relation between the subject and the object.
She prefers strawberry jam.

Linking Verbs

These verbs are unlike other verbs as they do not tell anything about a subject themselves, instead Linking Verbs connect the subject to a noun or adjective that helps in describing or providing additional information about the subject.  Those nouns or adjectives are called the subject complements.

Regular and Irregular Verbs

These are the two different ways in which verbs change to form different tenses. Whether to simply add ‘-ed’ at the end of a verb or does it take a different form altogether.

Finite and Non-Finite Verbs

These are verbs which can be either the main verb of a sentence or just one that  is used as an adjective or noun as well.

Modal Verbs

These verbs tell us whether something is probable or about the skills of a noun etc.

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