Different Types of Software

Type Operating systems
Examples Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.
Purpose Control your computer.
Type Word processors
Examples Microsoft Word. Corel WordPerfect.  AbiWord. openoffice writer
Purpose Write essays, novels, reports, or other types of text.
Type Spreadsheets
Examples Excel. Lotus 1-2-3. VisiCalc.
Purpose Track budgets or investments, or make other calculations.
Type Presentation software
Examples PowerPoint. open office
Purpose Create slideshows for meetings.
Type Database management systems
Examples Access. Oracle. Sybase. 4th Dimension.
Purpose Organize and filter lists of data, such as addresses or inventories.
Type Photo editors
Examples Photoshop. Fireworks. PhotoPaint. Gimp.
Purpose Change digital photos and other images.
Type Games
Examples The Sims. PacMan. Minesweeper.
Purpose Have fun playing or experiencing challenges.
Type Desktop publishing
Examples PageMaker. InDesign. QuarkXPress.
Purpose Make a magazine, a poster, or an advertisement.
Type Computer-aided design (CAD) software
Examples AutoCAD. SolidWorks. MicroStation.
Purpose Create blueprints or designs.
Type Web browsers
Examples Internet Explorer. Netscape. Mozilla Firefox. Opera. Safari.
Purpose View pages on the World Wide Web.
Type E-mail clients
Examples Outlook. Eudora. Entourage.
Purpose Send letters and files to other people.
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