Differentiate Reflective Impulsive Learner and explain How Trainers Accommodate Them

Impulsive and Reflective Learners

Impulsive learners are more highly represented among students with LD than among average students.

Their style is characterized by under focused attention, distractibility, and premature decision making.

They are restless, can’t concentrate for long, forge ahead before understanding directions, and have social difficulties because they don’t stop to consider the consequences of their actions.

Overly reflective learners, at the other end of the continuum, are overfocused, delay decision making for what seems like forever, concentrate so long on bits of information that they miss the main point. Reflective children prefer to analyze fine details, which takes time. In contrast, impulsive children prefer to focus on the overall picture, which takes less time.

They claimed that reflective children are superior to impulsive children only when analyzing details. On items requiring more global analysis, such as recognizing outlines and themes, impulsive children are equal if not superior, to reflective children-and faster.

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