DRAMA ANALYSIS of “Julius Caesar”


1. What did the leading character want ?
– They wants to debate and to prove their states.
2. What stood in his way?
– Personality, because they describe the attitude of Julius Caesar.
3. What was the high point of tension or crisis?
-When the Plebeians Burn the body of Caesar.


1.Are the characters true to life or are they types or caricatures?
– The Character are True to Life because
2. How is the character revealed?
-After Anthony convinced Plebeians that Brutus is traitor.
3. What is the driving force of each leading character?
– Brutus- who wants to justify Caesar’s assassination.
-Anthony- wants to states his funeral speech to Caesar’s death.
4. If a character changes, are the causes convincing and true to life?


1.Are the sets appropriate?
-Yes, it is appropriate
2. Are they actractive?
-Yes, it is attractive
3. Are they authentic?
Yes, it is authentic


1.What is the chief emphasis (ideas, character, atmosphere)?
2.What was the purpose (entertainment, humor, excitement)?
-Excitement, because you didn’t know what happen next.
3. It is realistic or romantic?
-It is realistic.
4. Does it show life as it really is or distort life?
-It shows the life as it really is .
5. Does it present any problem of human relationship?
6. Does it glamorize life and present an artificial happy ending?

Tags : Communication Arts
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