People underestimate the importance of courtship. But the beginning stages of a relationship are the most important. In the beginning things should be fun, easy, and carefree. You should enjoy just being in each other’s company. As things progress from a matter of weeks to a courtship lasting months, one should begin to take note of their actions as well as their partner’s. 1. Don’t set unrealistic expectations. If you don’t plan on cooking every night, don’t do it during the courtship. If you can’t afford to wine and dine a girl or take her on carriage rides every night don’t put up a front like you can. Once you set a certain expectation people expect you to live up to it. 2. Honesty really is the best policy. Courtships are public. You should know each other’s friends. If you haven’t been introduced to your so-called partner’s friends or family that’s a problem. If you haven’t been granted an introduction it’s probably because the relationship is not as serious as you had hoped or because the other person may have some unfinished business with a prior relationship. 3. Demand respect! If your man has a habit of checking out other women when he’s with you and you laugh it off, he thinks you don’t have an issue with it. Or if the sun beats your girl home most weeknights and you don’t address it, she’ll believe you totally understand her party girl ways. Whatever selfish behavior your partner might possess during courtship will spill over into your future if you don’t make your expectations clear. If someone doesn’t respect you they don’t love you! 4. Become a teacher. Sounds crazy, but only you can teach someone how to treat you.

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