IWitness: Dulo ng Paraiso Tawi-Tawi

Next is the journey in the West of the Philippines, in Tawi-Tawi. The story is about the life and dreams of Badjao living in Tawi-Tawi. We had seen so much Badjao on the streets begging for something, we don’t mind them. But in this documentary shows who Badjao people is, the way of their living, their pitiful life and how them called as a twin of the ocean because almost in their entire life they always in the ocean some said that in old times they had a house in boat so while fishing they had their house where they come. The Badjao people who are under discrimination because of their ignorance, barefooted. No education that everyone deserves.

The significant of this documentary to Macroeconmics is to analyze the gaps in basic services versus spending for non-sensical things. This shows us why Badjao people living in that way not been benefitted in the improvement of the economy. The had no school to go so why they been ignorance in their own place. Rather than we help them some discriminate them without knowing who they is.

As a student of Macroeconomics this documentary greatly imply me some questions that how this horrible fate happen to Badjao people? Actually we had seen Badjao people on the street but we don’t mind them, istead that we think why them is like that, they judge them in our own way. The good life and education that they deserves not been given to them. Why they don’t even benefitted by the improvement of our economy because the been still lived a hard way of living, poor people, no education and less fortunate.

Tags : Reflection
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