Philippine Literature – Plot Analysis of “My Fathers Tragedy by. Carlos Bulosan”


A young narrator was describing his family who lived in a town with a wealthy neighbor. This family’s children often go out to play along with each other and always find themselves laughing while the rich man’s children are still living inside the house.


As time goes by, the wealthy man’s children became weak and pale, while the young narrator’s family became even more healthy. Their colors were bright and rosy while the wealthy man-children were pale and sad.

Soon the Richman started to cough, one after the other. Until one day the rich man suddenly closed their windows after seeing the young narrators’ siblings, healthy and full of life.

One morning policeman from the Presidencia came to the narrator’s house.

The rich man had filed a charge against them stating that they were stealing the spirit to their property. The day has come for the two families and face the trial in the court. The rich man had a lawyer while the narrator’s father stood by his decision not to hire any.


The trial began by the rich man’s lawyer started to ask annoying questions to the father. After answering the questions, the father demanded to bring the complainant’s children to the stand and ask the same questions he answered.

The father agreed to pay the violation they committed. He walked over to where his children were sitting and took his straw hat and began filling it up with centavo pieces. With the permission of the judge, he walked into the other room with the cap full of coins in his hand.

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