Research Paper HIV Awareness of the STEM Student At Eclaro Academy


“AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is a serious condition that weakens the body’s immune system, leaving it unable to fight off illness ‘(Simon et al., 1998)

AIDS is the last stage in a progression of diseases resulting from a vital infection known as the Human Immune deficiency Virus (HIV or AIDS virus).

The diseases include a number of unusual and severe weight loss or wasting away, and diseases affecting the brain and central nervous system.

We will conduct this study for more student to be aware of how serious this virus is and how they can prevent it especially now in our generation where sexual intercourse occurs in relationships be it teenager or adult. HIV awareness should be taken seriously and with urgency due to the problem having a higher population day by day. It will not only affect our economy but also the health of everyone.

More and more programs about HIV awareness should be administered in lots of schools. We want to have this research at Eclaro Academy because of the rate of the students getting pregnant and those who have sexual intercourse with anyone they have a relationship with or without. Students in Eclaro Academy have more knowledge about how dangerous and life-threatening this virus is. Not only for them abstain but also for them to realize that having a relationship with someone doesn’t mean that you should have sexual intercourse with them.

Statement of the Problem

This study will seek an answer to the following question:

1)    What is HIV or(human immune deficiency virus)?

2)    What are the common symptoms of HIV?

3)    What are the causes of HIV?

4)    Why is HIV dangerous?

5)    Is it true that there is a currently no cure for HIV or AIDS?

Significant of the Study

Learning is the aspect of development that connotes modification of behavior, skill, and knowledge that results from practice and experience which sought for quality education

The generalization of this present study would be a significant contribution to the vast expertise to students awareness. An important result of this investigation could be highly significant and beneficial specifically to the following.


Researcher – This will be a tool ground for researcher where they could apply their knowledge and perspectives for their future study in research. They will also acquire new skills and knowledge that they can use in there future profession.

Respondent – The result will provide the student with some knowledge on HIV/AIDS and how it can be avoided. It will give the students to realize that this disease is hazardous to them and the people around them. At the end of this study, a student would know why HIV awareness should be conducted and why it has been a significant problem to society.

Future Researcher – The ideas present may be used as reference data in conducting new research or in testing the validity of the other relative findings. This study will also serve as their cross-reference that will give them a background or an overview of how awareness on HIV/AIDS should be conduct to the student.

Administration – The administration will be gaining insights as to what measure are appropriate to help the student in raising awareness regarding the HIV/AIDS disease. It will also help the administration to assess and make some observation of how they can raise awareness.


Scope and Delimitation – The general intent of this study is to raise awareness to STEM (science technology engineering mathematics) student of Eclaro Academy for them to practice abstinence, self-care, and self-value.

This study has fifteen (50) respondent which all of them are a student of Eclaro Academy. The study limits its coverage to those students how have had sexual intercourse and those how never had. This study, intended for a non-expert audience discusses how HIV(human immune deficiency virus) and AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) to avoid. The survey contains information explaining what consequences of having HIV(human immune deficiency virus) and AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) are.

Definition of terms:

HIV: human immune deficiency virus

HIV is a retrovirus that infects the vital organs and cell of the human immune system.

Pandemic: an infection is spreading over a country or the world.

Is an epidemic of infectious disease that has spread across a vast region; for instance, multiple continents, or even worldwide just like HIV

Aphrodisiac: an agent that stimulate sexual excitement.

An Aphrodisiac is a substance that increases libido when consumed. The aphrodisiac is distinct from a material that addresses fertility issues or secondary sexual (days) function such as HIV or AIDS

Secretion: a fluid or substance formed or concentrated in a gland and passed into the digestive tract, the blood or to the exterior.

It is the movement of material form from one to another, secreted chemical substance from a cell or gland. In contrast, excretion is the removal of the other element or waste from a cell or an organism. A process by which substance is a product or discharged from a cell, gland, organ and for a particular organism or excretion.

Heterosexual: of different sex. Often used to describe a person who is attracted to the opposite sex.


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