The Handicraft Industry in the Philippines

The Philippines is passing through a rough road concerning its economic status.  Thanks to various export materials being distributed in other countries, Filipino entrepreneurs have a way of getting through a crisis by exporting handicraft materials to other nations.
Craft materials are one of the products that give a boost to the Philippines’ economy. Even more, foreign countries are also becoming very much familiar with the various products that are being produced in this country.
 Just to give you an idea, here are some of the handicraft industries that are starting to give pride in Philippines’ economy:
Coconut Shell Craft
Coconut is one of the tropical trees in the Philippines that has an abundant supply. You can grow this tree in almost any part of the country. Because coconut is known for its wide variety of uses, some people created various products out of the goods that can be produced from this tree.
Coconut shell is a raw material used in making many products such as pendants, brooches, buckles and lamps.
Rattan Craft 
Furniture made out of Rattan are often bought because of the raw material’s flexibility. If you’re planning to purchase things like picture frames, cabinets, sofa sets and baskets with top of the line quality, buying stuff made out of Rattan is advisable. If there’s one word that will define Rattan, it’s durability.
Leather Craft 
Who wouldn’t like leather products when these are actually made out of sturdy and top quality raw materials, right? Leather materials like shoes, jackets, wallets and bags are proven to be durable no matter how weathered these are.
Bamboo Craft
Now you might have mistaken Rattan for a Bamboo, didn’t you? These two materials have a lot in common, except for one thing – bamboo is even stronger. This kind of grass is being used in making harder products like furniture and even houses. The good thing about bamboo is it’s cheap. You can buy a lot of these at a  great deal of prices.

Many handicraft industries had been using these raw materials to make export-quality products that can be shipped to other countries. Because of this, Philippines slowly became known to its neighboring countries because of the exceptional handicraft products it sells.

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