The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost Literature – Literary Work, Devices

  • What is the genre of the text given?

The genre of “The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost” is an adventure. Adventure in the sense of he is making a wise decision which between two roads he could travel.

  • What are the important standards of literature considered in analyzing this literary work?

I considered this literary work as an “Intellectual Value”. The author chooses a two road as an example, but if we examine closely, the message conveys a real-life situation. This is where we choose our destiny by making a tough decision.

  • What are the literary devices present in this literary work?

In this literary work, the author resembles the story as a metaphor. He portraits an idea of traveling between two paths and what might happen when choosing the less traveled one. In real life situation, it describes oneself journey to the future where some things might not happen or end up with reality.



First Stanza

The poem composed of four stanzas wherein the first stanza, the author explains his belief. He has been out walking the woods and comes to two roads, and he stands to look as far down each one as he can see. He would desire to try both roads, but he couldn’t do that, so he continues to analyze which road to take.

The author portrait one’s journey that we can’t take several decisions at one time, so we need to examine closely what path we were going before we proceed our journey.


Second Stanza

Finally, he chooses the less traveled road “to where it bent in the undergrowth,” he decided to take the other path because it looked to have fewer travelers than the first. But as his observation, the two roads are almost the same.

Maybe he chooses the less travel road because he wanted to know what’s in it. As an example, when we take a decision like taking a course or expertise. If we take the Nursing Degree compare to Engineering degree, we found out that there are more student in Nursing degree than Engineering and in the end the outcome is different. Most of the time, the less traveled road portrait a better tomorrow.


Third Stanza

The third stanza proceeds with the consideration of the differences between the two roads. He had seen that the leaves were not been stepped.

Means less Traveller take that road but then again insists that he would come back and also walk the first but he doubted he can do it.

At this moment since few travelers are on this road, we can contemplate what if I choose those other roads, but in the end, returning back is not an option.
In life, since we already decide thoroughly where we go, only two things we can do, regret our decision or move forward to the challenge.


Fourth Stanza

As the author took the less travel one, he found out that road made all difference. As the writer said in the poem, something happens but it doesn’t say it is positive or negative. He never states clearly what happened during those travel on the road. Something it needs to have an answer.

It might be in real life, it ends up with good or ends up with regrets.


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