Is the use of paid media by an identified sponsor to communicate information about a company, product, and service to specific target customers.
Stages in Advertising Cycle
  • Introductory Stage – In advertising it is used in launching publicity a product or service which is entirely new or unknown to the market or establishing a new feature of an existing product
  •  Competitive Stage – It seeks to urge the consumers to prefer the advertiser’s product or service over the competing brands.
  • Retentive Stage – It attempts to develop or establish consumer loyalty by keeping the buying public reminded of the name or brand of the item.


   Is called the client, an account or sponsor. This can be anyone from among the sources of advertisement.
Advertising Agency
Is an independent service organization whose function is to provide advertising, merchandising, and other promotional activities related to the selling of the client’s product or services or ideas.
Advertising Media
It includes the mass media of communication broadcast, print, outdoor, transit field and movie.

The Advertising Media


§  Radio Advertising
§  Television Advertising
     Elements of production:
               Post production


§  Newspaper advertising
      Types of Newspaper advertising:
               Display Advertising
               Classified Advertising
               Classified Display Advertising
§  Magazine Advertising
      Magazine Elements:
              Full-bleed Advertisement – When a magazine advertisement runs all the way to      the four edges.
               Partial-bleed Advertisement – It leaves a white space margin on all or any of the four sides of the full page.
               Gatefold – When an advertisement is positioned on the second cover page  where an extra page spreads out when opening the page that gives a bog  spread.

Out-Door Advertising

               Forms of Out-door Advertising
                              Poster Panels
                              Painted Bulletins
                              Interior Transit Advertisement
                              Exterior Transit Advertisement
                              Station and Shelter Advertisement

Sales Promotion
Is generally defined as those marketing activities that provide extra value or incentives to the sales force, the distribution or the ultimate consumers and can stimulate immediate sales.

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